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Italian Journal of Audiology and Phoniatrics - ISSN 2531-7008


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Albera, Roberto. "Acknowledgements." Audiologia e Foniatria. 5.1 (2020): IX.PDF icon IJAP-2020-1-01.pdf (61.23 KB)
Iacona, Elisabetta, et al. "Audiological evaluation in a heterogeneous sample of subjects with Down syndrome." Audiologia e Foniatria. 5.1 (2020): 15-26.PDF icon IJAP-2020-1-05.pdf (140.71 KB)
Ralli, Giovanni, et al. "Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo and motion sickness." Audiologia e Foniatria. 5.1 (2020): 33-39.PDF icon IJAP-2020-1-07.pdf (117.52 KB)
Pirodda, Antonio. "Evaluating bone conduction in mixed hearing loss." Audiologia e Foniatria. 5.1 (2020): 1-2.PDF icon IJAP-2020-1-03.pdf (90.74 KB)
Marinari, Gessica, et al. "From the binomial “phonetic-phonological disorder / dyspraxia” to the concept of isomorphopathy: a logopedic proposal of dynamic-functional classification of SSDs." Audiologia e Foniatria. 5.1 (2020): 41-48.PDF icon IJAP-2020-1-08.pdf (862.2 KB)
Fancello, Virginia, et al. "Laryngeal taping as a supportive tool to relieve voice fatigue: a pilot study." Audiologia e Foniatria. 5.1 (2020): 49-55.PDF icon IJAP-2020-1-09.pdf (155.41 KB)
Barillari, Umberto. "Oskar Schindler obituary." Audiologia e Foniatria. 5.1 (2020): 57.PDF icon IJAP-2020-1-10.pdf (90.05 KB)
Brotto, Davide, et al. "Otoradiological evaluation of patients with aural atresia: a retrospective study." Audiologia e Foniatria. 5.1 (2020): 27-31.PDF icon IJAP-2020-1-06.pdf (157.86 KB)
Gheller, Flavia, et al. "Pupillometry in children: a good method for assessing listening effort." Audiologia e Foniatria. 5.1 (2020): 3-14.PDF icon IJAP-2020-1-04.pdf (219.09 KB)
Martini, Alessandro, and Giovanni Ralli. "Why a new journal in the field of Audiology and Phoniatrics?" Audiologia e Foniatria. 5.1 (2020): XI-XII.PDF icon IJAP-2020-1-02.pdf (77.94 KB)
Pirodda, Antonio. "About the indication to stapes surgery." Audiologia e Foniatria. 6.2 (2021): 1.PDF icon IJAP-2021-2-1.pdf (59.93 KB)
Nicolai, Piero. "Antonino Roberto Antonelli obituary." Audiologia e Foniatria. 6.1 (2021): 72.PDF icon IJAP-2021-15.pdf (81.22 KB)
M., Milkov, Tsvetkova A., and Marinov V.. "Application of vestibular evoked myogenic potentials in otosclerosis patients with vertigo." Audiologia e Foniatria. 6.1 (2021): 48-53.PDF icon IJAP-2021-10.pdf (109.02 KB)
Agostinelli, Anna. "Auditory-Verbal Therapy. Science, Research, and Practice." Audiologia e Foniatria. 6.2 (2021): 69-70.PDF icon IJAP-2021-2-10.pdf (166.01 KB)
Marta, Mion. "Between music and molecular studies: the third tone according to Hermann von Helmholtz." Audiologia e Foniatria. 6.1 (2021): 1-3.PDF icon IJAP-2021-02.pdf (132.94 KB)
Sorrentino, Flavia. "Book reviews Disorders of the Auditory System, 2nd Edition." Audiologia e Foniatria. 6.1 (2021): 71.PDF icon IJAP-2021-14.pdf (98.6 KB)
Martini, Alessandro. "Book reviews Manual of Pediatric Balance Disorders, 2nd Edition." Audiologia e Foniatria. 6.1 (2021): 69-70.PDF icon IJAP-2021-13.pdf (107.84 KB)
Salvago, Pietro, et al. "Cortical Auditory Evoked Potentials (CAEPs) and hearing aid amplification in adult patients." Audiologia e Foniatria. 6.2 (2021): 44-49.PDF icon IJAP-2021-2-7.pdf (128.5 KB)
Bellomo, Annamaria, et al. "Covid-19 impact on vocal and laryngeal sequelae: a literature review." Audiologia e Foniatria. 6.1 (2021): 27-32.PDF icon IJAP-2021-07.pdf (88.53 KB)
Panetto, Monica. "Dante and the medical science." Audiologia e Foniatria. 6.2 (2021): 14-20.PDF icon IJAP-2021-2-4.pdf (606.25 KB)
Cassandro, Claudia, et al. "DSA nell’adulto quali prospettive in Piemonte? Ipotesi di un percorso certificativo." Audiologia&Foniatria.doc. 5.3 (2021): 50-56.PDF icon PuntoDoc2021-3-10.pdf (157.44 KB)
Ralli, Giovanni. "Editoriale." Audiologia&Foniatria.doc. 5.3 (2021): VII.PDF icon PuntoDoc2021-3-00.pdf (86.78 KB)
Martini, Alessandro, and Flavia Sorrentino. "History corner The origin of Audiology and the contribution of Italian Audiology: the Milano school (Part 1)." Audiologia e Foniatria. 6.1 (2021): 58-68.PDF icon IJAP-2021-12.pdf (1.2 MB)
Tavassi, Marina. "Impianto cocleare: l’esperienza di una famiglia." Audiologia&Foniatria.doc. 5.3 (2021): 27-31.PDF icon PuntoDoc2021-3-05.pdf (110.85 KB)
Genovese, Umberto, and Rosy Cotroneo. "Impianto cocleare nel minore: aspetti medicolegali." Audiologia&Foniatria.doc. 5.3 (2021): 20-26.PDF icon PuntoDoc2021-3-04.pdf (135.22 KB)