TitleA global overview on deafness: experiences and perspectives of citizens, patients, caregivers, voluntary associations, and health professionals. Findings from the Varese GOOD surveys
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsSpezia, Nicola, Eleonora Sica, Sonila Dhima, Manuel Bolognini, Gabriele Beretta, Cristina Masella, Sergio Razza, Davide Cocozza, Michela Dossi, Gloria Parravicini, Annalisa DeCandia, and Eliana Cristofari
Secondary TitleAudiologia e Foniatria
Date Published05/2022
PublisherPadova University Press
Place PublishedPadova, IT
ISSN Number2531-7008
KeywordsFondazione Audiologica Varese (FAV), hearing loss, Varese GOOD

In the last years, important innovations in technologies, diagnostics, and rehabilitative techniques have led to significant improvements in the quality of life of patients affected by hearing loss (HL). While many clinical studies on HL have been performed, less attention has been paid to the organizational and cultural context around it. For this reason, the Audiological Foundation of Varese (Fondazione Audiologica Varese, FAV) decided in 2018 to start collecting information about all 360 degrees of deafness. We share the results of three cross-sectional surveys investigating the experiences and perspectives on HL of citizens, patients, caregivers, voluntary association representatives, and health professionals. In total, 2828 Italian and international respondents were involved. Our findings might provide some valuable practitioner- and policy-oriented suggestions for changes and improvements to address the specific needs and interests of the involved stakeholders. This study was part of the initiative “A Global Overview On Deafness” (GOOD) organized by the FAV, which brought together different actors working toward the common goal of “hearing life”: hearing specialists, technicians, educators, speech and behavioral therapists, researchers, patients, associations, and families. Always looking to a brighter and louder future.